Devotion submission photoI’m Hannah Covington, a journalist who specializes in Oxford comma code-switching. I recently started my first post-grad gig as a reporter at the Star Tribune, where I’m covering the north metro. In grad school, I studied English literature at the University of Tulsa. In a nut shell: I read books, drafted term papers, and taught composition courses [with the O. comma].

During summer breaks, I ditched flowery diction, interned at newspapers and looted metaphors from the authors I’ve studied in school [sans comma].Most recently, I was a metro intern in marvelous Minneapolis at the Star Tribune. I’ve also worked as a breaking news reporter at The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City and as a general assignment reporter at Tulsa World. In the spring of 2014, I interned with Oklahoma Journalists for Justice (OKJ2), a new non-profit that investigates possible wrongful convictions of men and women imprisoned in Oklahoma.

All my love to Virginia Woolf, Mina Loy, Anna Kavan and Pablo Neruda.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or reading suggestions. Both are welcome.