First weeks in the Twin Cities


I arrived in the Twin Cities fresh off the farm, having spent the last week in May in rural Nebraska for a family wedding.

My plastic tubs (and husband) helped me haul a tidy sampling of books, clothes, cleaning products and painting supplies from Tulsa to the west bank of Minneapolis.

Did I mention I’ve started painting again? So far, I’ve mostly worked in oils, toying with a brushier texture and fresher color palette. I find this artist (and her and her and her and her and her) particularly inspiring.

To be honest, most of my free time in the Twin Cities hasn’t drawn me to the canvas. I’ve mostly ambled along [10,000] lake shores and tried to explore the area (via various ice cream parlors).

Wild to think I’ve been working at the Star Tribune for three full weeks now. There are nine of us interns, and they’re all bang-up journalists.

Here’s a roll call by alma mater (be sure to check out their work): fellow metro intern (UNL), digital intern (Mizzou), business intern (Mizzou), the visuals interns (Mizzou and Ohio), features intern (U of Pittsburgh), copy editing intern (U of Minnesota) and design intern (Indiana).

So far, I’ve done a mix of city hall, community news and public safety reporting.

Here’s one story about a city pilot program that allows restaurants to serve their fare on the street. And another, on pollution in one of the urban lakes in Minneapolis.

Of course there’s an animal story (this one about tiny, majestic toads) and one about teenagers memorializing their love in locks on a bridge in the suburbs.

I’ve also been knee deep in data reporting and spent most of last week working with the newsroom data wiz on Excel, Datawrapper and CartoDB. We examined new Census estimates with an eye on Minnesota’s minority groups and found some prescient trends in our spreadsheets. Here’s that story — called a “Data Drop” at Strib — on how Latino youth are poised to change Minnesota’s makeup.